We conduct Energy Audits in field of Steam, Compressed Air, Water and other process fluids. As Industrial Boiler Project Consultants; we undertake Industrial Boiler Projects Consultancy Services from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

We conduct Energy Audits in the field of Steam, Compressed Air, Water and other process fluids for various Process Industries which include Boilers To begin with, we conduct a walk around study to estimate the potential savings, and also to understand the specific needs of the plant.

We will study the plant in detail with respect to your SOP. We will take field trials and samples will be collected wherever necessary. We are equipped with all necessary instruments.

Typical common steam wastage in a plant

Our observations and analysis will be formed into a report which will have recommendations for various sections of the plant. The recommendations upon implementation will have a ROI ranging from a few days to a maximum of up to 24 months.

The benefits will be in terms of monetary benefits as well as process improvement, apart from just safety & pollution


We undertake Industrial Boiler Project Consultancy from green fields to minor changes within the existing process plant. All this begins with an initial study. Our study includes :
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Plant And Process Layout Drawing
  • Selection Of Materials & Equipments also based on regulatory norms
  • P & I Drawing
  • Isometrics
  • Product Comparison
  • Overall Asthetics

Our concept of Project Consultancy is to achieve the best process results during plant operation with minimum capital investment. Engineering flexibility will also be of importance, considering future expansion or product changes. Project consultancy can include Process Automation. The purpose of such automation is to achieve better processing to ensure ease of operation, Lower maintenance, Safety, and monetary benefits.