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Twin furnace (also known as Double furnace) Boilers consist of two furnaces whichhelp to ease the fuel feeding for boilers with higher capacity.These furnaces consist of bowling hoops, designed to absorb thermal expansion & contraction.This helps to minimise the stress and distribute it evenly, hence extending the life of the boiler.

Special Features :

  • 3-Pass Wet Back design for optimum fuel recovery.
  • Specially designed Heat Resistant Grate Bar/Nozzle Fired, depending on the type and Quality of Fuel.
  • Large heating surface & firing furnace area.
  • Provides Efficiency between 79 - 82%.
  • Requires Minimum Foundation as per drawing.
  • Forced and Induced Draft Systems are used which result in good combustion efficiency
  • Consists of Pumps with High Efficiency.
  • Provided with secondary air ducting for complete combustion of fuel
  • Optimum Steam Space is provided with a unique steam separator to generate dry steam.
  • Safety aspects are maintained with strict Quality Control.

Twin Furnace Boilers